We are excited to launch

our newest service

Our on-line pharmacy and vet supply marketplace will deliver prescription medications, food and over the counter items right to your home.  Click the "shop now" button to your right or you can

go directly to the site at http://ManettoAH.vetsfirstchoice.com .



Click Here

use code "ONLINE10" for 10% off

*To avoid a shipping fee on food-use "AUTOSHIP"

For additional savings- use code “ONLINE10” for 10% off on everything!!

(This applies to on-line orders only)

We have been working with one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical and distribution companies and together we have created a site with over 5,000 animal related products.  All medications are guaranteed and FDA approved.


There are a number of exclusive promotions that are only available through veterinary hospitals.  If you purchase one of those items, the rebate amount will automatically be deducted when you put the item into your cart.  No more sending in rebates and waiting for reimbursement. 


When you request a prescription medication or food through our site, it will automatically be sent to our email for authorization by one of our veterinarians. The doctor will then be able to add dosing directions, refills or any other information related to that medication.  You will not be charged until you get the approval.  

Shipping is free for any medication or over the counter product that is not temperature sensitive (ex. insulin) with the exception of food*.  To get around this, you must choose “AUTOSHIP” when you purchase food to eliminate the shipping fee.  You can cancel the “AUTOSHIP” after the order has been approved if you choose.  This will save you on shipping and give you the extra promotion on the food.  (You can do the same with medications if there is a difference in price as well.)


Lastly, remember to always use the code “ONLINE10” for a 10% discount at our on-line pharmacy for ALL products.  That’s in addition to all other promotions.  You can use this code over and over.