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Meet the Staff 

Dr. A. Neil Weiss, Veterinarian

Dr. A. Neil Weiss is owner and founder of The Manetto Hill Animal Hospital and Paw Seasons Hotel & Day Spa. A local graduate of Syosset High School, Dr. Weiss found his way back to the ‘old neighborhood’ after his professional training. He is an alumni of Colgate University with a degree in Biology. Soon after, he graduated Ross University Veterinary School with his clinical training at Oklahoma State University. Post-graduate training at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan rounded out Dr. Weiss’ academic and clinical training

Early experience as an associate clinician, emergency room veterinarian and house-call doctor earned Dr. Weiss excellent experience in all aspects of animal care.  Special interest in soft tissue surgery and laser assisted surgery are some of Dr. Weiss’ advanced skills


Dr. Weiss is married to Randi, our Hospital Administrator, with whom he has three children, Harley, Isabelle and Noah.  They also have a house full of dogs and cats. He enjoys swimming and skiing when not working.

Dr. Anna Krage, Veterinarian

Dr. Anna Krage is an Associate Veterinarian at Manetto Hill Animal Hospital. She grew up on Long Island and graduated from St. Joseph’s University in 2020 with a Bachelors Degree in Biology. She then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed her clinical training at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. In her free time, Dr. Krage likes to spend time doing various outdoor activities as well as hanging out with her dog and bird. 


Pix coming soon

Dr. Anne Zeifman, Veterinarian

After her internship, Dr. Zeifman worked for small animal practices in Westchester and on Long Island where she was able to practice high quality medicine and continue to sharpen her dental & surgical skills.  She has over 35 years of clinical experience which gives her a large font of knowledge and expertise to draw from in her daily practice.  She has special interests in internal medicine, feline medicine, gerontology, renal disease, and endocrinology.  Her thorough, compassionate approach enables her to successfully tackle diagnostic challenges and helps her to maintain her patients’ quality of life.  She is a firm believer in the importance of continuing to learn and seek new solutions to the ever-evolving medical issues of her patients  


When not working, Dr. Zeifman loves to hike, to spend time outdoors in nature and to travel with her partner Bruce. They enjoy visiting their grown children, grandchildren and other far flung family members, as well as  exploring new places. She also enjoys reading, relaxing with her two cats, going to museums, and plays, and spending time with family and friends. 

Dr. Zeifman grew up in Manhattan and attended Bronx High School of Science. She graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with honors, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa and was admitted to Cornell for Veterinary College. 


During vet school, Dr. Zeifman did externships at the Bronx and Oklahoma City Zoos and volunteered at Cornell’s Avian Clinic, helping to treat injured hawks and owls.  After graduation, she came home to Manhattan where she completed a one-year rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center. The two week long Night Doctor shift, during which she was the sole veterinarian on duty for all of Manhattan, was a trial by fire, but it taught many invaluable lessons. It was a year of intense learning and of honing skills through many long days and nights.   



Anne Zeifman.jpg



Randi, Hospital Administrator

Randi is happy to be working so closely with her husband, Dr. Weiss.  Coming from a background in communications and theater, Randi loves the interaction of the animals and their owners alike.  Randi runs the “behind-the-scenes” work that keeps the animal hospital in tip top shape since 2000.


Mallory,  Office Manager, Veterinary Nurse

Mallory has worked in all departments of the Animal Hospital and Hotel. Being apart of each department, she has created an atmosphere of teamwork and respect among the staff.  Mallory’s management skills are unmatched.  She is loved by all her co-workers.  Mallory is the go-to person on a number of issues and she has managed to grow quickly in the company.  

Vet Techs


Tami, Veterinary Nurse

Tami is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a major in environmental science. She was looking for a position with more hands on animal care and we were lucky to have crossed paths.  She loves working with animals and has a gentle way making even the most timid of our 4-legged friends, feel comfortable.  She has created an amazing Facebook and twitter page spotlighting our hotel guests as “pet of the week” and posting articles relating to animal care and health. She is organized, responsible and a caring hard worker.  We are lucky to have her.

Kathi, Veterinary Nurse

​Kathi has been with the Manetto Hill Animal Hospital & Paw Seasons Hotel since 2004.  A wonderfully talented all around person, Kathi started her career with us working in the hotel then moved on to assist Doctor Weiss as his right hand lady for over 10 years as his veterinary technician.  Kathi once again showed she can take on new responsibilities and dived right in to running the Paw Seasons Hotel.  She is back working in the tech department assisting the Veterinarians.  She is extremely compassionate and responsible.  Her dedication and love for animals can be seen every day.  Even on her days off, Kathi is known to “drop in” and check to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Sophia, Veterinary Nurse

Sophia just finished 4 years of undergrad college and has plans to apply for Veterinary School in the fall of 2023.  Sophia has been interning for us the past summers in our tech department and we are so excited to have her officially as part of our team.  Sophia passion has always been to work with animals.


Grace, Veterinary Nurse

Grace grew up in Las Vegas and has been around animals her whole life.  A daughter of a veterinarian and a veterinary technician, Grace has spent her childhood helping out in her parent's animal hospital in Las Vegas.  She is currently a hard working college student at Hofstra University.  Grace is an all around employee, you can find her helping out in all departments.  She is a pleasure to have as part of our team.

Destiny, Veterinary Nurse

Bio and pix coming soon

Donna, Veterinary Nurse

Bio and pix coming soon

Katherine, Veterinary Nurse

Bio and pix coming soon

Carly, Veterinary Nurse

Bio and pix coming soon

Front Office Staff


Mary, Receptionist

Mary is a seasoned veterinary hospital staff member who has been working in the industry since 2013.  Mary is great at multi tasking, answering phones, speaking to clients, billing out and doing it all with a smile.  She has worked as a veterinary assistant as well at her previous hospital.

Diana, Receptionist

Diana has been working as a veterinary receptionist for many years.  She is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful addition to our front office team.  She brings her positive attitude and love of animals each day to work.  Always willing to lend a hand or learn something new, Diana is a joy to have around. 

Joe, Receptionist

Joe has been with the Manetto Hill Animal Hospital for many years.  He was a big part of the hotel, working hands on with the animals.  Joe is now the smiling face at the front desk, greeting clients and his four legged friends.  Joe is always positive and willing to help out wherever he is needed.  He's got a huge heart and is loved by all!

Joe 2.jpg


Maurizio, Groomer

​ To know Maurizio is to love him.  Maurizio is our very own “dog (and cat) Whisperer.”  A very talented groomer with a soothing personality that puts all his clients in a state of relaxation and peace.   His knowledge of breed cuts and talent makes even the scruffiest of pups look like show dogs.  He greets his clients with a smile and with his gentle way, brings the essence of a spa feel to each and every guest.  A master at cat grooming as well, Maurizio has been able to find peace even with those felines who have had to be sedated in the past.  Maurizio has taken the Paw Season’s Spa to a whole new level.  We are so fortunate to have him.


He has been trained in dental scaling and can do anesthesia free dental cleaning for select pets.  Call the office for details.

Theresa, Groomer

​Theresa has been a professional groomer since 2007.  She is proficient at scissoring all dog breeds, bathing, blowouts and manicures and pedicures.  Your pet will fall in love with her casual demeanor and love of every pet.  Your pet is in for a treat when when Theresa is pampering them.

Tamara, Groomer

​Tamara is an experienced groomer. She starting her career in Puerto Rico and relocated to Long Island some years back.  She was trained in all breed styles and loves to spoil her guests with hugs and kisses.


Monica, Groomer

Monica is our newest groomer to the Paw Season's team but not new to grooming. She has professionally groomed dogs and cats since 2013. She has worked in salons in Florida, Manhattan, Westchester and now we are happy to welcome her to Long Island. She is extremely talented at her craft and has such a soft and calm demeanor around her 4 legged clients. She is always positive and pets and their parents love her.

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